Lincolnshire Tech Expo 2017 Review

We went to our first Lincolnshire Tech Expo yesterday…

Having never been to an event like this before, we were unsure what to expect; especially from Lincolnshire, a county that you don’t initially associate with modern technology companies! Finding our way to Lincolnshire Showground was easy, it’s the place to host events in Lincolnshire.

What grabbed our attention at first, was the diversity of the companies showcased there. There were Teslas parked up, SEO companies on stage giving talks, accountancy firms demonstrating their software solutions, and gaming companies showing off the latest in VR.

We spent the morning walking around, giving interviews and trying out some of the tech on show. You can see our full video below:

The day had a fair amount of people walking around, although we did notice a lot of people were from other stalls, so I think it would be beneficial if more non-tech companies were there whom would actually benefit from the talks and products.

All in all, I’d recommend anyone who’s running, or is able to promote change in a business ┬áto attend this show in the future, as I’m sure you’ll learn a lot. And even if you’re not in that situation, it’s worth attending to have a go with the gadgets!