What Is The Cloud?

The simplest explanation you’ll here is that the cloud is “someone else’s computer”. That’s true; sort of…

You’re probably already using the cloud. Have you uploaded photos to Facebook? Well, they are stored in the cloud! Have you used Google Mail? Well, your mails are stored in the cloud! Essentially, if you’re using an application, that doesn’t need to be installed and your using a web browser, it’s likely to be ‘cloud software’.

What it isn’t

Software that runs only on your own computer isn’t cloud software. Just having a NAS in your building also doesn’t count (even if it has Cloud in the name) although some do connect to cloud services. Applications that need to be installed are usually not cloud software, although this isn’t always the case, such as Adobe Creative Suite which you do download.

Accessible Anywhere

One of the key reasons that businesses are investing in cloud software is thatt their staff can fill out forms and rpocesses form anywhere int he world, instead of having to wait until they are in the office, or creating complex secure connections (VPNs) to their companies servers.

Because the software is always accessible from any internet-connected devices, employees can fill out forms at their clients premises, airports, cafes, trains or almost anywhere!

The Environment

Another reason companies are switching to the cloud, is to meet their pledges to protecting the environment. With many datacentres now using renewable energy, and reducing the need for companies own servers and computers. You can read more about our commitment to a sustainable future here.

Watch this great video from TechQuickie about the cloud

So What Are The Benefits?

More time to do your job!

You and your staff spend more time doing their job, be it producing and selling widgets or answering support questions or performing administration. If they spend more time doing that and less time filling in forms, you’re bound to make more money.

Cost Savings

As we’ve just illustrated, you save a lot of time with Cloud services – and in business time is money!

Furthermore, you won’t be spending money on as much paper, ink, etc

If that wasn’t enough, statistics show that cloud software greatly reduces the chance of incorrectly filled out forms, and eliminates lost forms altogether! Again more time for you, translates into more money!

Security & Regulations

Not all cloud software is created equally. If you are careful what you can buy though, you can make gains in terms of keeping your data secure. As of 2017, almost every country in the world has strict Data Protection laws. The UK is no exception, with many new regulations set out this year. You can read about them at the ICO: https://ico.org.uk/for-organisations/data-protection-reform/overview-of-the-gdpr/


Let’s take video editing as an example. If you were to run software on your own PC to edit and then render a video, it might take a long time, or you might not have the power to do it at all! Even if you do have the power, you’ve likely bought a powerplant PC to run a job you don’t do all that often. Now if you were to use cloud-based rendering software, the processing power would scale for when you needed it, giving you much faster rendering times. Think of it as them lending you a Ford Mustang to win a drag race, instead of you having to go out and buy and run one all the time!

A recent study found that if companies adopt cloud computing, they can reduce the energy consumption of their IT departments and save money on energy bills.

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